Data First Solutions (DF) is a technical consulting firm that brings together top Information Technology professionals. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor and enhance your bottom line. Since we began operations, we have worked hard to build a reputation for integrity and efficiency. Our clients tell us we have succeeded!

Perhaps it is because of our company philosophy and our long-term view towards client relationships. We know there is a great deal of competition out there, so we make every effort to prove to you that it makes good business sense to stay with us.

We have built up a client list that includes Legal, Financial, Health Care, Manufacturing, Public & various Private sector corporations. This is the technology and experience we bring to the small to medium sized business market.

Here's what a few of our partners have said...

DF Provides Honest Advice & Seamless Support

My biggest concern for IT is communication. Data First is very quick to respond to my questions / issues, and more importantly they talk to me about my system in terms that I can understand. In the past, other providers would also not take the time to explain what was required or would talk down to me. With DF, they are teaching me every time I have an issue what it is. I feel included in the conversation and never feel like this is out of my control. With previous providers, when our technician was not available no one else knew what our system passwords and requirements were and we were either at a stand still or issues took a lot longer to resolve. With DF, we have a primary person taking care of our company, and even if he is servicing another client, another technician is able to seamlessly step in and take care of our needs. They have a great system of record keeping that the rest of the team can access and step in for each other. I would highly recommend Data First to anyone looking for an IT company because they will give you an honest discussion about your system. Instead of just being sold on fear and uncertainty, we are provided with all the information in plain English allowing us to make good business decisions.

V. Craffigan Operations Manager
Global Property Management Company

DF makes us feel as though we have in house, on site IT support.

Choosing DF was the best decision we made. They are never too busy for us, no matter how trivial our questions are; and their team is large enough to support all of their clients in a timely and professional fashion.

Being a Law Firm in the GTA, it is imperative we not be impacted by service disruptions or technology issues. DF’s allows our staff to contact DF directly as opposed to going through management for approvals every time there is an IT question. We also don’t need to worry about trying to fix the problems ourselves in order to save on costs since it is all built in and we don’t need to worry about variable costs due to their flat rate approach.

DF is extremely responsive and makes us feel as though we have in house, on site IT support. Our questions are answered and solved almost immediately each time.

Z. Marani Founding Partner
Mid Size Law Firm

DF Goes The Extra Mile & Explain Things In a Way I can understand

Having an IT Business Partner that understands our needs and requirements is critical. Having been newly onboarded, I can see the difference DF has brought to the table and how our business is already benefiting.

DF is able to look after all our company’s needs and gives us a growth mindset offering solutions that are capable to meet today’s needs as well as those of tomorrow. Furthermore, they are very responsive and provide solutions relatable to our business needs and requirements. The staff goes an extra miles and always addresses concerns and questions in a way I can understand.

J. Mercy Partner
National Logistics and Distribution company

Even though we are a small business we feel as though we are their #1 client.

Compared to the previous outsourced IT group, Data First is significantly more knowledgeable. They reviewed existing infrastructure and provided enhanced recommendations.

They always provide us with instantaneous IT support. That is huge! Even though we are a small business we feel as though we are their #1 client. You will not be disappointed.

J. Moutoussidis CFO
Mid Size Advertising Agency

DF Brings Knowledge and Expertise at an Enterprise Level

I would openly recommend Data First Solutions (DF) to anyone who needs help with technology. They are very skilled in mitigating PC/LAN business and technical risks. They are confident, skilled professionals that work well one-on-one or in a team environment. Skilled professionals like DFS, can help your firm.

J. McAthey Senior Manager Finance
Large Canadian Financial Institution

They performed many duties, such as, project manager, technical consultant, and software testing. They developed the Bank’s PC methodology.

Frank G. Assistant General Manager
Bank of Nova Scotia

Data First Solutions (DF) has played an integral role in our efforts. They are thorough, precise in their effort as well as meeting the deadlines that I impose. As well, DF stepped in at the last minute to complete a major milestone in the project by performing upgrades across the country. This task was performed without incident in a very professional manner.

Paul S. Project Manager, Financial Institution

The Consultants efforts were focused in the areas of re-engineering processes… demonstrated an in-depth understanding of information systems and the inherent risks posed to them.. I have found that the quality of work produced by DF has been excellent. Additionally, DF has proven that they can provide individuals meeting my skill set requirements. My experiences with DF have been extremely positive and I would recommend their services to any firm.

Andre M. Senior Project Leader
Montreal Trust

The consultants from DF are extremely thorough and knowledgeable. They have supported me through setup and advised on purchases, ensuring that I didn't over spend and that I made the best decisions .. Their ongoing managed services allow me to concentrate on my businesses, not the technology. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that wants to reduce their headaches. They really are more than just experts, they are my trusted partners.

Dr. Frank N. Cloud Rehab Clinics


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